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Automated text (SMS) messaging

Would love to have automations set to send SMS (text message) to team members instead of email.

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  • j_casavant
    edited 10/19/23

    Product team...Is there any way Smartsheet can support MMS protocol for sending notifications to mobile devices. It would be great if you could add MobileNumber as a column type, that would be able to trigger SMS/MMS message notifications.

    Based on my testing using the Contact list column type, I can get the Alert someone workflow to trigger in Smartsheets.

    Below is a snippet of what Smartsheet sent to the mobile recipient when using an email to MMS redirector gateway.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8">
        <title>Test Msg 1</title>

    FYI...Most Mobile carriers have email to SMS/MMS redirector gateways. When I use a Contact list field containing the mobile recipient the workflow triggers, but SMS/MMS does not support <HTML> in the message body. The message is sent, but looks like garbage because of all the HTML.

    To test a Contact list field yourself, enter the phone number in a "To" contact field on your sheet (my field was named {{SMS-Contact}}) and I used =IF(..) logic to add the carrier specific @ email suffix. Be sure to enter the full 10-digit mobile number, followed by the specific carrier gateway address. For example, [email protected] for an AT&T mobile recipient.

    Below is a list of some of the most common carrier gateways in the United States:

    AT&T: [email protected] for a normal text message (SMS), or [email protected] for a multimedia message (MMS)

    Verizon: [email protected] for both SMS and MMS messages

    T-Mobile: [email protected] for both SMS and MMS messages

    Virgin Mobile: [email protected] for both SMS and MMS messages

    Note: These gateways change periodically and are not always published for non-subscribers.

    If you don't know the phone number's carrier, you'll need to ask the recipient or use a carrier look-up service. You can enter their 10 digit phone number into a carrier lookup system such as CarrierLookup or FoneFinder.