Update filter on report created by provisioning project in Control Center

Dylan T
Dylan T ✭✭
edited 09/15/23 in Add Ons and Integrations

We're provisioning projects via Control Center and the team would like to have a form on their project dash to ask questions/provide comments on data presented in the dashboard. I've thought of two ways to approach this, but am not sure how to implement either solution:

  1. Is there a way for the embedded form on the dashboard to update to the new url when the form is created on the new sheet within the project's blueprint? Right now the form is from the original sheet in the blueprint, not the newly created one. I don't think this option will work since it's an embedded link that's not tied to any blueprint data.
  2. My workaround idea would be to have a single form and intake sheet that is not spun up with each project and then include a project ID/name dropdown available for the user to pick the project name when completing the form on their dash. The question then becomes, how would I be able to have the report created within each project folder auto-filter to the project's name/ID so I don't have to manually adjust the filter each time a new project is provisioned and then I can surface the project's data on their dash to complete the feedback loop?

Any thoughts or guidance on how to accomplish either option would be much appreciated.