Grid Line options, Column Header adjustments & Document Repository

Rebecca Martin
edited 09/15/23 in Smartsheet Basics

I am fairly new to Smartsheets and have a few suggestions that I would love to see added if they don't exist already!

  1. I would love the option of being able to add different styles/combinations of grid lines, similar to Excel. I know that Smartsheets has the default lines already, but being able to add thicker gridlines (especially to column headers, etc.), or to only add grid lines on the left or right of a cell, etc. would really create a clearer view in some circumstances.
  2. Column Headers - The option of being able to bold, center, resize and color fill the column headers in both the sheets and the reports. I find that when a sheet/report is being displayed in a Dashboard, it's very hard to distinguish the column headers from the content in the sheet.
  3. Document Repository - For a company or department that frequently requires specific forms to be completed by staff, it would be nice to have a document repository within a sheet that would store blank forms and allow an Automation or Smartsheet Submission Form to contain such documents to be sent out for completion. Once completed and submitted, the line would get updated accordingly and the completed form attached in Attachments, whilst still leaving the blank one in the repository for future use.
  4. Lastly, the ability to add a clickable link in the message section of an "Alert Someone" automation. Currently, a functioning link that will take you to a specific site only works when using the Latest Comment box, otherwise, a person would have to copy the Url from the Alert Me message and paste it into their web browser (unless that has recently changed as I haven't tested it for a while).

If there are workarounds for any of these, or the function already is out there and I just haven't figured it out yet, I'd love to know!

Other than that, I love Smartsheet and would play around in there all day if I was allowed to (especially building and designing Dashboards)!

Thank you for this amazing tool!