Workflow Sheet Data Transfer

I am an office coordinator in education and I'm part of a team attempting to schedule volunteer positions for an event. We have a list of positions that need filled, and Smartsheet is going to be great for managing the workflow once they are assigned... However, in Smartsheet forms, I can't find a way to limit each type of response in a particular question to a specific number.

So I went to a site called SignUp Genuis to help with that lack. This site helps you create slots for volunteers to accept positions (it could work for a potluck dinner just as much as a volunteer management tool), and then you can export the file to data that can be uploaded to Smartsheet.

But, when I want to take the data and add it to a sheet where certain formatting and other workflows are already set up, even when I change the data to match the formatting of the other document, not all the data is crossing over. Why might that be?