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In our projects, we have many different departments that are assigned to the same task, since they all play a part in that task. The problem is that a lot of departments will finish their portion of the task while we're still waiting on a different department to finish theirs so we can check the task off. This leads to us not knowing who we're waiting on and if the task has a due date, it leads to the task being red. All of our employees have a report to help them be aware of their due dates and many people will have this 'past due' task in their report, even though they did their part. This is annoying the people that have done their part and also confusing some others. How can I fix this issue without making the project sheet convoluted and busy looking?


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    Hello @happinessisland,

    One potential solution could be to create child rows for the task, so that each department can have its own sub-task row. That way, each department will see information only relevant to the portion of the task assigned to them.

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