Calculating Date Changes +/- In a Single Cell


I have a sheet where my client selects a "Requested Go Live Date" for their digital item to go into a catalog.

They often will go into that same row/cell and change that date. I have notifications for when that happens, but **I want a cell/row in which the number of days plus or minus from that change is captured based on the very first date entered into the cell.

Ex: Original go live date 10/01. They go back into the same cell and replace 10/01 with 09/25 - I'd like to have a +/- Days column that would be able to read/understand/tell me the Days +/- is [-6] because I just lost 6 days, for example. Any ideas on the best way to do that?

I know you can view cell history and see it, but not sure how to calculate on a changed value in a single cell.

Thank you


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