Simple Scheduler

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Im looking for some resource scheduling, and am having the hardest time trying to figure something on the simpler side.

No one needs to book it except my team, so booking/hotel software is overbloated for my needs.

I have 12 rooms in 1 location, that can be used in 3 different times per day.

7 rooms in another location, Day/night.

4 rooms in 3 other locations- Day/Night.

I work for transportation, and we use Gantt/Tapecharts/ scheduling software all the time, so Im frustrated at not being able to find a simple solution.

Ideally: Rooms in the first column, time across the top.

Names filling in the slots (either 1, 2, 3-or 1&2, 2&3).


  • Scott Peters
    Scott Peters ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @jess01 - Have you tried building something in Smartsheet, and it's not working out for you, or are you at the start of your journey and wondering if Smartsheet could do this for you? Based on your description I think Smartsheet could work very well for you. Will you use a separate sheet per date, or will each row be a unique combination of room, slot, and date(s)