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Once someone submits a form, can they go back in and change it if they need to? Maybe they need to edit something or add something that they forgot to.

If it is possible, the new info added or edit where will that populate in the smartsheet? Will it be in the same row?


  • Martha Hemingway
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    I have seen dynamic view used previously for moments like this but it wasn't necessarily to go back and edit previously submitted information. Dynamic View was used for a 2 part intake process for project approval (approval for initiate -> Discovery, and then approval from Discovery -> execution). That way the same line is completed for all the project initiation and discovery related content.

    Otherwise, you could generate a report that would filter on "current user" for items that the user submitted and allow them to edit that way?

  • JenaW
    JenaW ✭✭

    So they can submit the form again and that would just generate a new line?

  • Monique_Odom_Comcast
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    Hello @JenaW,

    Submitting a new form will always create a new row in a sheet, not update a current row. What Martha is suggesting is to create a report from this sheet and have a filter to only show rows with the "Current User" in a Contact column. To do this, you could have a Submitted By or Assigned contact column with the person that submitted the form entered into that field. Then, your report can be filtered on Current User for that field. If someone that submits a form needs to go in and edit or add info to what they submitted, they could then go to that report and would be able to see and edit only information that they submitted.

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