Data Set related to Action Log - thoughts?


I have a data set (Records Table) in Smartsheet (300 rows, just data), and on certain rows (say, 10% of the rows), I want to add between 1-4 action items related to just those rows. Any thoughts on best approach? I've tried just adding columns with notes for users, but it's hard for the to keep track of - "now I need to do X task related to this piece of data" - from different people.

I have access to use Smartsheet Core, plus Data Shuttle, DataMesh, Dynamic View and Pivot App.

Examples of use cases:

In the Records Table, I have "Record A", which is going to stay stable in the Records Table with columns on key data. But, for Record A, different people have different tasks that vary widely (so I can't do a workflow) - Vishal needs to talk with client X to clarify something, Jen needs to update her manager about an issue related to the record, Gene needs to resolve an issue with one of the pieces of data in the record - each would have a separate action that we need each of them individually to keep track.

I cannot do Subtasks in the Records Table, as that is problematic for other reason.

I can just create a separate action log, but I want that log to tie effectively and easily for users to the Records Table, and I'm not sure of the right approach.