Report for New Projects

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I'm looking for a way to make a report that will only show me sheets that have been created in the last 3 months. I would like for this to automatically update once the project is out of that date. Is there a way to filter that?


  • Jen Castillo
    Jen Castillo ✭✭✭
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    EDIT: I missed the "sheets" part! Sorry for the confusion!

    I have a few follow up questions in that case. Are these all going to be in the same workspace?



    Would you want this on a rolling 90 days or exactly 3 months? If you were okay with projects created specifically in the last 90 days, then:

    Filter: [Project Start Date or whatever your column title is] is in the last (90) Days.

    Anything older than 90 days will fall off. Are there any other projects that go longer than 90 days? If so, I added in another filter that requires [Project Complete] to be empty, aka the project is still ongoing.

    If not, take out the Project Complete filter.

    If you want it to be specifically 3mos out, that might be a bit more difficult. Let me know! :)