Bridge-Insert Hyperlink

Using Bridge, how can I set up a workflow to pull a URL from one cell, and add it as a formatted hyperlink to another? I've tried searching through modules and the API documentation, but I'm very much a beginner and not quite sure what to look for.


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  • CWainwright
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    Hi @dsprenger! I was able to make this work using the Get Row and Update Row elements.

    Get Row provided info like the row ID, the data references for the 'title' and 'url' cell values on the row, etc.

    Update Row allowed me to use that row info to add the hyperlink correctly. Adding an Advanced Cell, I referenced the column being updated ('title'), chose Hyperlink as the input type, then used data references for the row's 'title' cell value as Display Text (meaning your original title is retained), and the 'url' cell value in the URL field.