Document Builder Alignment Issues


Hoping someone can help!

We are using the document builder to get signoff on Change Requests for various projects.

I have created a PDF and have customised it with the Prepare Form in Adobe.

E.g. assigned a size, font, rich text, multiple lines (all the properties are the same in the PDF doc)

I have matched the width and height in the PDF.

However, when I generate the document from the SmartSheet the alignment is inconsistent.

If I populate the PDF itself it is all uniform so it seems that between the PDF and the document generation something gets altered.

Has anyone had the same thing and if so has it been resolved?

Please see examples attached.

I have spent hours trying to get this right, hope someone can advise on the magic trick!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @Tamsyn

    Document Builder is configured to try and match the Font Size and Type that you've specified in each individual field in your fillable PDF, however not all fonts are supported. In this instance it can sometimes make a best-guess, or try to fill the entire field.

    Can you double check the PDF you're using to make sure there's a font size set, and perhaps try a different font?

    I would recommend testing with Helvetica first, as I know this is one that works well with the automatic generation through Document Builder.

    Another thing to check is how large your field is - from your images it looks like the Cost field is multi-line or larger than the KPI effort field, which may be why Document Builder is filling the space for one while keeping the other small.

    Let me know if any of this testing has helped!



  • Tamsyn
    Tamsyn ✭✭

    Thanks Genevieve for your feedback, will test it out.