Potential switch to Smartsheet


Good afternoon,

Our organization (a big division in a public university) is exploring switching our cloud-based SQL database to Smartsheet due to server issues. Currently, we are using this database to track financial commitments to multiple recipients from different departments. With this database, we can maintain commitment records with information such as (start/end date, description, amount, transaction number, transaction date, committed amount, allocated amount, purpose, initiative, type, recipient name, department name, college name, fund source name, etc.) We can also use this database to build reports such as list all commitments by college or by fund source or by fiscal year.

Do you think Smartsheet would be a good tool to track financial commitments like this? We can imagine using Smartsheet if the commitment is just one line with a lump sum amount. However, a commitment can have multiple lines as it can have funding for multiple years and we want to track it by fiscal year also. We are at the very beginning stage of figuring this out so we are trying to explore of Smartsheet is the right tool for this.

Thank you for any advice.