Is it possible to change the Source Sheet from Reference instead of individual references ?

Ibrahim Khaleel
Ibrahim Khaleel ✭✭✭✭
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Dear Smart Team,

How can we modify the Source Sheet name from the Reference instead of modifying individual references.

Scenario. I have created more than 50 References use this reference in different formulas.

For Example Question and Answer. Reference "Ans 1" for Answer 1 and "Ans 2" for Answer 1 and so on, till 50th Answer. While save as to new sheet with the keeping references. Later (New sheet) I need to modify references individually instead of Sheet reference. It's better to have a option to modify the sheet name (as source reference) one time Globally instead of 50 time individually.

in above image Reference is Green Highlighted and Source Sheet name is Yellow Highlighted (which has Old Source and after save as new sheet old source is still existing and I need to change individually to all references).

I need you advise to above solution.

Thanks and best regards.

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