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We have an outside vendor that we need to have updating a report for us, but cannot find the easiest route to do this. Currently, we have locations entered into our intake sheet (with about 100 columns). We have created a report that pulls out just specific locations we want a particular tenant to review. The report has several options for dropdowns etc, where the vendor can update/answer questions. I created a dynamic view of the report and embedded it in the vendor's dashboard. Is the only way a vendor can update the report is by signing up for a smartsheet account? One recommendation at engage was to use a dynamic view of a sheet. However, this won't work as the vendor only needs certain sites and options.

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  • SoS | Dan Palenchar
    SoS | Dan Palenchar ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    There are limited options for giving a non Smartsheet user access to Smartsheet assets, namely, publishing items and using update requests.

    As a free collaborator your options will expand substantially and the outside vendor will not incur any cost from this. You could share them to any assets they need to view and edit.

    Regarding your point - [a Dynamic View of a Sheet] won't work as the vendor only needs certain sites and options - You can configure the report/view to only show specific sites and options, it is very likely you can create a report/view that will only show the necessary information and none of the extraneous information. Without seeing the Sheet though I cannot say exactly how to construct this, but probably something in the report where your Site column is limited to certain options/values AND the Options column(s) are restricted similarly.

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  • KCJ
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    edited 10/19/23

     @SoS | Dan Palenchar This is extremely unhelpful not having the option to let Reports be editable by external users without sharing the sheet. We have a lot of sensitive information on sheets and create a report so that external users only see what we want, but then they can't do anything with it. What's the point?!