Are you not allowed to copy and paste full rows from a Report?

I really wanted the ability to have a filter that can hide/unhide particular columns. From looking at other similar questions people have asked here this doesn't seem to be a thing you can do. However the recommendation was to use a report--which should work better for what I'm doing anyways with the real time data and the bi-directional editing.

So, I built a report using the columns I needed from a sheet. I've got everything in order to match the excel sheet I need to use for my next task, and all I need to do it copy and paste the rows into excel.

The problem is, it won't allow me to copy and paste entire rows. If I click the row to highlight the entire thing and use ctrl c to copy, nothing happens when I go into excel and use ctrl v. I can copy entire rows from the original sheet using this method just fine....but it doesn't work in the report.

It does let me click and drag to highlight a certain section, and will let me ctrl c/ctrl v to copy/paste that section into just won't do it for the whole row. And there are a lot of columns in this report, so it's a pain to have to click and drag to highlight the whole row in question rather than being able to do it with an easy click.

Any idea why this is? Are you just not allowed to copy full rows from a report?

I've attached a screenshot. In this pic, I first manually selected and used ctrl c to copy cell 1 in row 5. When I used ctrl v to paste in into excel it worked. Next, I clicked on row 4 to highlight the whole row, used ctr c, then ctrl v to paste into my excel doc, and it just pasted the same 1 cell I had previously copied. So, it doesn't register at all when you try to copy the entire row, and still thinks the last thing you copied (cell 1 of row 5) is what you want.

You can also see the dotted outline showing you can copy a section you have manually selected. But at this point it should be showing the dotted outline around all cells in row 4...but it just doesn't work.

I'm confused why something as simple as copying a row wouldn't be allowed in a report when it is allowed and works just fine in the original sheet where all the data is coming from.

It also wouldn't be a permissions issue because I have admin access to everything I'm using, and I'm the one who created this report.

Thank you if anyone can help with this or explain why it doesn't work!


  • ker9
    ker9 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @_NC_

    In my experience, copying the cells works but not rows. Also, clearing the clipboard prior to copying may help.

    Another option is to export your report directly to Excel (File menu / Export / Excel)

    Hope this helps!