Calculate Total Completion

Hi. I am still learning smart sheets and have a very simple sheet that is tracking the completion of a project that I am working on. I just

to have an automated completion total of what is checked off vs what is not checked of in my Completion Column. Please see image. Please and thank you.


  • Danielle Arteaga
    Danielle Arteaga ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Are you looking to add up the number of boxes in your column that are checked? It's going to be difficult to place the formula in the box you've circled in your image, because the formula won't render a total unless you limit your it to specific row ranges (e.g., [Complete]1:[Complete]17).

    That's not helpful if you add rows. Instead, consider using Sheet Summary if it is available to you.

    On the right rail menu, you may see an icon that looks like a sheet of paper with a ruler on the left side. When you click on it, a flyout menu appears:

    Click the +New Field button. Create a text/number field and give it a name. Then, in the formula box, place this formula:

    =COUNTIF(Complete:Complete, 1)

    This will give you the total number of rows in the Complete column that have the box checked.

    If you do have have Sheet Summary, you can place the same formula as above in a new column that is not formatted as a Checkbox column. You might also be able to set up PARENT/CHILDREN structures - you can read more about those here: