JOIN with 2 columns that are NOT next to each other, and "force" order

I am (trying to) using the JOIN function. It works but NOT the way I want it to. First, the columns I wanted to join were not next to each other. I am attempting to join 2 columns in a specific order and NOT the column in between. What am I doing wrong? They need to be in this order as the essential piece of data is the name of the Release, and secondary is the Release #.

As you can see in the Unique ID column, the formula is providing the Release # (Releases), then the Source (which should NOT be a part of it), and finally the Release Name. I have listed the way I want it, but cannot get Smartsheet to "obey". My current formula is listed below:

=JOIN([Releaser Name]@row:Releases@row, " | ")

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