What is the best Template

I have been asked to document all my duties so that my new bosses can see everything that I am working on and have a better understanding on when project work will start or finish. Much of my work however are daily/weekly tasks that reoccur but are not fully known in advance. For example part of my job is to process new orders, renewals, churns etc. as they come in (they are treated as P1 actions) and then all my project work gets scheduled around and pushed out depending on these tasks.

What is the best template for me to use to reflect re-occurring items?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @JeniC

    What I personally do in this instance is use Hierarchy to distinguish between the Daily/Weekly tasks and the Projects.

    • The top part of my sheet lists the recurring tasks with their cadence.
    • The second part of my sheet lists the Projects with specific dates.

    If the daily tasks are all the same but you need to track how many there are, you could have another column where you add how many you are working on at that time. That way you can display a count in a graph as well.

    In regards to templates, there's a Task List by Priority you could check out, or the Individual Productivity Hub.