Can the Calendar View display the sheet name instead of the primary column?


I'm creating a report that pulls in all of our Go-Live dates from all of our project plan sheets using a dynamic report in our control center. Is there a way to have the calendar view show the name of the project sheet instead of the primary column (in this case it's the task name in the project plan). So the way it currently is the calendar just says "Go Live" and doesn't say which project the go live is for.

Is there a better way to be creating this view than how I'm doing it?


  • Victoria_Indimar
    Victoria_Indimar ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have only seen Calendar View to use Primary column for the display name. I do not see an option to change that but would definitely be a great enhancement request for Smartsheet.

    Another way to show that info would be to use the Gantt View. It's not the same but it at least gives you the option to set Display Name to the other columns, not just Primary. And since this is already from a Report, you could set the Sort order so it's showing it from oldest/left to newest/right (like in a Calendar from top to bottom).