Update Request - "Send me a copy of my responses" Not Working

Jonna Critchley
Jonna Critchley ✭✭✭
edited 10/05/23 in Smartsheet Basics

Trying to figure out why a company that we send an update request to can get the notification for the update request through Smartsheet, but when she checks the box to receive a copy of her responses, she doesn't receive it.

Thinking if she's receiving the update request from a Smartsheet automation, then Smartsheet isn't being blocked.

Any solutions to this problem?


  • Marcela
    Marcela Employee Admin

    Hello @Jonna Critchley,

    I was not able to replicate the issue mentioned above. The most common cause of not receiving our automated messages is spam blocking. This blocking can be happening either on the email client or on the server level -- or both. I would suggest to check the spam filter settings to see if the emails are being routed to your the folder.

    If your client spam filter is not the issue, I recommend reaching out to the IT department and have them add the following email domains to the organization's trusted sender list:

    These should be referenced as acceptable addresses from which to receive email. If you’re still not receiving Smartsheet emails after completing all of the above steps, please feel free to create a Support Ticket.

    Hope this helps,