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Sese Bennett
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I am hoping to get some assistance with a project I am working on.

I have a Smartsheet form that is collecting user response data where the user responds back with a "yes, no, or I don't know" as the response. The response is then written to the sheet that the form is based on. The columns were created by the form automatically and the response for each question is written in a row in the sheet, corresponding to that questions column name in the form. A new row is written for each section of the form when the "submit" button is clicked.

Once I get the data in the sheet that the form outputs to, I want to create reference links from each of the responses and use the linked data in a second sheet that contains additional columns that are used to create reporting.

The problem: Forms will not let you output form responses to cells that are linked or more accurately, it will not start writing the response from the form into the sheet until it gets to a row that is completely blank. Now, if I create a link in the cell that the form should write to, it does not write there (or even in that row) because the cell is not "blank" (it has the link but no form data). So, nothing gets linked to the 2nd sheet because the linked cell is empty of form data.

So, my question is: Is there a way to link from a form output sheet to secondary sheet without manually matching up the form data cells every time? I would really like the actions after the user provides their responses to be automated instead of copying cells around on the sheet.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you!


  • Razetto
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    @Sese Bennett What about copy row into sheet2 instead of linking cells. It'll work if not editing is done to sheet1 after submittal. If changes to cells are made frequently in sheet1 then cell linking is needed but you could also use DataMesh or have formulas in sheet2 that pull from sheet1, using index/collect or index/match or vlookup; but you'll need to have a unique ID created when a new form submittal, a new row, is added to the sheet; in this way the formula pulls the right info,