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Add ability to view all conversations within reports


I am not a fan of dynamic view (the whole UI needs a major overhaul imo). I rely on creating customized reports for external collaborators feeding from a master sheet that I don't want them to see. Since reports have a limitation where collaborators must be shared the original sheet for them to be able to see a report, i've been using workapps to bypass that limitation where I've created different roles for each vendor where they can see their customized reports. (And also set up for the CSV to get emailed to them daily since the workapp restricts the ability to download to excel).

The issues i'm experiencing with this approach is the vendors not being able to see comments where they are tagged. Reports do not have an "all conversations" tab, you have to go to each individual row to view conversations (vs being in a sheet where it does show all conversations). This has made it difficult to collaborate on conversations as the vendors do not see them and the tags they receive direct them back to the master sheet, which they do not have access to.

Is there anything in the works to make this a bit more seamless?

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