Automation Workflow - Approval workflow with condition


I am getting and error (image below) when i am trying to write a condition based approval workflow, please help


  • Hi,

    You need to create a new column to use as the "Save Response In" instead of using "Approval Test" which appears to be the column you are using to trigger the Approval request. The cells in this "New Column" will be auto populated once the Approval has been requested, approved or declined.

    So, your Approval Workflow will be:

    1. Approval test column cell is changed to "Submitted"
    2. Approval Request is then triggered to relevant DL
    3. Cell in the "New Column" will be auto populated with the response provided by the Approver e.g. "Approved" or "Declined"

    Hope this helps.



  • As per below example, ensure you use 2 different Columns in these fields and maybe use a different term than "Submitted" to avoid getting that error message.



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