Blueprint Summary Sheet blank despite no errors while Provisioning the project

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I had a new CC blueprint that I tested out with some projects last week and it was working fine.

Today, made some changes (added some fields to the Project Metadata fields and the same nee fields added to the Portfolio Blueprint summary sheet ). Have ensured columns types and names are matching.

My projects are provisioning fine (folder, workapp etc) and the Profile data is being carried from the Intake sheet to the Project level metadata sheet. Have kept the Project level Metadata sheet as the Primary and only source of data for the Portfolio Blueprint summary sheet in the CC configuration. 38 relevant fields from the Project level Metadata sheet are getting recognized in the configuration as Portfolio Blueprint summary fields. 6 fields are linked back (status, heslth etc) from the Portfolio Blueprint Summary to the Project Intake sheet (via CC config settings). These 6 fields are also getting updated properly in the Project intake sheet after the project is created via CC.

I am getting no errors while provisioning the Projects via CC (there were a couple of errors but those were resolved and no longer appearing). However, the Portfolio Blueprint summary sheet is appearing blank despite multiple refreshes over an hour. there is no data or creation of cell links visible on the Portfolio Blueprint summary sheet. Also saved the Portfolio Blueprint summary sheet as a copy and tried to create projects with that new sheet. Got the same result of a successful project creation, with a blank Portfolio Blueprint summary sheet.

Is anyone facing the same issue or aware of any outage?