Notifications - Will duplicate e-mails be sent?

Marianne Wilshynsky
edited 10/16/23 in Smartsheet Basics

I am setting up quite a few notifications on a sheet. Alerts need to go out to 'Contacts in a Cell' as well as 'specific people'. In some cases, the same person could fall in more than one notification contact categories and could also be in the 'Specific People' list.

For example: Alert Contacts in a cell could be the 'Estimator', 'PM', 'APM' or 'Assigned To' where John Smith could be the PM as well as the Assigned To in the same notification. It is also possible for John Smith to be listed on the 'Specific People' alert list within the same notification. So, for this example, John Smith is listed three times (as the PM, the Assigned To and as a specific person). Would that mean he would receive three e-mail notifications from the same workflow?


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