Smartsheet Control Center Auto Provision... Cross Sheet References Not Loading?

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For the Smartsheet community online:

I've made a valuable discovery regarding Index(Match()) Cross Sheet References and all others when using Control Center in Smartsheet. If you're experiencing issues where these references don't work when creating "Children" from a "Parent" folder, here's a solution to save you time and frustration:

  1. Save your workspace as "New" to create a blueprint source folder.
  2. Add data to at least one cell in each of the sheets.
  3. Save the workspace again.
  4. Delete the data you added earlier.
  5. Now, use this workspace in Smartsheet Control Center Blueprint.

Magically, your Cross Sheet References should work smoothly. Remember, when automating digital asset creation, it's a good practice to have at least one cell of "data" in the Parent Asset. This rule applies not only to Smartsheet but also to tools like ArcGIS and others.

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