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Master Button for a temporary notification on smartsheet


I have a spreadsheet that I made for the company that I work for, we have different machines and we (Engineering) request parts to Sheet Metal dept. through this spreadsheet, the spreadsheet has part number, how many parts you need from the laser machine, how many parts to be bent and to be painted, etc. It has completion checkboxes with automated notification on completion. When one of the machines breaks down all the dates shown will be past due and there is no way to inform everybody when the laser or the press brake is broken, we don't know when it breaks and when is back to normal. Instead of having to ask daily for the status and creating conflict between departments thinking that they are just not making our parts for whatever reason, I suggest creating a Master Button on top of the spreadsheet that triggers some changes to the whole spreadsheet, indicating "Broken Machine". I'm thinking on a change on the whole spreadsheet background, and a custom comment that pops up each time you open the spreadsheet. This can help improve the communication between departments. I think this can be useful for different type of projects, having the option of multiple Master Buttons already pre-set for different actions. SEE EXAMPLE ATTACHED.

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