How to make format/cosmetic dashboard changes reflect on a copy?


Hi, I have a dashboard that I have created a copy of in another folder. The data updates all smoothly, but I when I make changes to the original dashboard in terms of formatting or cosmetics, I would like it to also reflect in the copy without doing the work twice.

Is this possible? Thanks!


  • Tim C
    Tim C ✭✭✭✭✭

    What you would want to do is create a "metric" sheet that both dashboards are looking at. For example if you wanted an Icon or photo to appear on both dashboards you could insert a photo into a cell in your metric sheet, then "point" the metric widget at the same sheet with the image in the cell. If you later wanted to change the photo on both dashboards, you only have to change it once in the metric sheet since both dashboards are pulling from it. *pro tip you have to use the "stacked" setting on the metric widget for this to appear correctly.

    Even though my example was a photo in a cell, it applies for actual metrics as well.