Power BI Dashboard Embedded in Smartsheet Dashboard

HI All,

I have built and published a dashboard in Power BI.

The Power BI dashboard has its permissions set so that anyone in my organisation can see it.

I have embedded this Power BI dashboard into a Smartsheet dashboard with the standard Power BI functionality of File/Embed Report/Website or Portal/https link.

If I look at this Smartsheet dashboard, I can see everything as it should be.

Unfortunately, even though everyone in my organisation has a full pro Power BI license, when someone with the correct Smartsheet access looks at the Smartsheet dashboard I created, they get asked to request permission to view the Power BI dashboard.

Access control is done through Smartsheet. I do not want to have an extra layer of access control for 300+ people for the Power BI dashboard as well. I just want people to be able to see the Power BI Dashboard if they go to the Smartsheet dashboard.

I thought about making the Power BI dashboard public in Power BI, but my company has removed that option from our version of Power BI.

Many thanks in advance for any help that you can give.