How can I create automatic time card requests based upon schedule?


Hello, we want to implement using a Form for daily time card entries. I don't know that the current schedule allows for this, but we are open to making changes to use automation and forms. A couple of notes:

  1. Employees in this rollout do not have licenses and most only have mobile phones
  2. Multiple active jobs/locations at one time
  3. Our schedules run 10 on and 4 off; Tuesday-Thursday then off Friday-Monday.
  4. We want a daily notification sent at 6pm CST to all employees on the current schedule to complete the Daily Time Card Form on the active work days
  5. Currently, the department manager is doing a "save as new" of the schedule each week

Below is a snip of our current schedule. Thank you!!


  • Danielle Arteaga
    Danielle Arteaga ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    One approach here might be to use the "Request an Update" workflow rather than having users complete a form.

    In the "Request an Update" workflow template, you can create conditions for when the request is sent. For example, your condition might be set to send the update request only if the [Start Date] for the job is "today." You can set who gets the update using any column that is set up as a Contacts column. And you can limit the fields that the recipient sees by selecting those. The fields should include the field where the recipient enters his/her hours (there would have to be column on your worksheet for that).

    Here's more on the "Request an Update" workflow:

    The nice thing about the Request an Update workflow is that your recipients do not need Smartsheet licenses (or even the Smartsheet app) to complete the request. It can be done entirely from an email.