Best way to duplicate a batch of tasks across divisions?


We've launched a program made up of multiple projects recently and the management team wants to see all of the subtasks for those projects repeated across multiple divisions. Is there a way to templatize or repeat a group of tasks across multiple divisions or business units and keep everything in sync? Sorry I'm a bit of a Smartsheet newbie, but I'm trying to save myself from having to manually update thousands of lines in a project plan. Something like:

Project 1 - Task A - BusUnitAlpha

Project 1 - Task B - BusUnitAlpha

Project 1 - Task C - BusUnitAlpha

Project 1 - Task A - BusUnitBravo

Project 1 - Task B - BusUnitBravo

Project 1 - Task C - BusUnitBravo

Project 1 - Task A - BusUnitCharlie

Project 1 - Task B - BusUnitCharlie

Project 1 - Task C - BusUnitCharlie


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @nfields03

    If I'm understanding you correctly, you already have all the rows set up across multiple sheets, but need to pull in the 3rd level rows across sheets to see them at once. Is that correct?

    If so, you can use a Row Report to bring together rows from multiple sheets. You'd need to filter by a specific value to only get the 3rd level rows, then you can Group by the Sheet Name if you want to keep the tasks separate/organized but in the same view. Your users can edit values in rows directly within the Report and it will update the underlying sheet. (Note that Grouping and multiple sheets in 1 Report is only available to Business or Enterprise plans in Smartsheet).

    If you meant that the sheets aren't fully set up yet and you're looking to copy/paste a hierarchy across multiple sheets, copying the Parent Row will copy all the Child Rows below it so you can easily paste them all in at once.

    See: Copy and paste cells, rows, formulas, or hierarchy