Blank Data sheet but still sending automation


I was working on a page and doing some automation testing before it went live. I have a section where there is a drop down menu to select people. Using the form i have sent some automations to show them what it would look like getting the email but even though i have deleted the data from the sheet, they are still getting blank emails saying they have follow-ups to complete. I have 3 automations set up.

  1. If you click someones name from the drop down, it forwards your filled out form to them
  2. if they choose to not put a name it goes to a group of people
  3. if there is no follow up within 7 days it is emailed to a group of people

The 2nd or 3rd rule is causing the issue.


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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Hey @Mike Wise

    Can you clarify which one of the emails is being sent?

    From your screen captures, my guess is that it's the "follow up automation" that's sending out blank rows. This is because your criteria is that a checkbox is not checked, and that the date is not in the last 7 days (meaning it can be blank).

    Try adding a second Condition in the same block that says that the Date field is not blank in as well as not in the last 7 days.