Cells Changing Colors - Unknown Reason

I have a few sheets that I'm working on that when I add a column, cells below that new column have colors on them. Most of the cells are dark yellow but one is green. I do not have Highlight Changes on, nor do I have any Conditional formatting on these sheets. I've never seen cells do this before. I have some automations between some of these so I first thought it was some type of errors happening between the sheets but I've turned disabled those to rule them out. In one screenshot, I added a Assigned To column and cells below went Yellow and Green.

In another Report, Yellow is coming over under a Sheet Name column (how could you even format that?).

Any ideas what could be causing this? I feel like it's trying to point me to some error or something but I can't find anything wrong.


  • Lucas Rayala
    Lucas Rayala ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @thadmclemoreQ -- it's not exactly helpful, but I think there's a bug in Smartsheet that does this. What I've found is that, if I copy a page from a previous page that has shading in it, the shading from the previous page mysteriously appears whenever I add rows or columns. Drives me batty. I had to delete a page because it bugged me.

    You should have to do this, but you might be able to apply a conditional formatting to overwrite the shading with a white background. Pick a column that's always populated, then set the formatting so that it applies when that column is not blank. Use the shading and apply the white background to the entire row (not "no background", make sure it's white). If you have other conditional formatting, keep this one at the bottom of the page and it should fix the issue without interrupting your other conditional formats.

  • Thanks. Well I agree it does look like a bug. This sheet wasn't copied from another one per se but there was some automations that were coping data and columns over so maybe there's a connection there. Dunno. I'll continue to pay around with it some. I can do your workaround if I can't find another solution. Thx.