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Minutes, Hours, and Weeks in Resource Views

ozgur kaya
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts


Thanks for the duration update. Is there also a way to view resources based on the minutes, hours, or weeks; too.


  • Warren Jones
    edited 07/13/15

    This is also something my PMO would be very interested in seeing as it would allow us to adopt Smartsheet for resource management.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 07/13/15

    Ozgur and Warren, could you provide a little more details about what you are looking for and how you want it to work?


    With the new partial day durations, you can see how many minutes, hours, weeks, etc a resource is allocated to a task. Are you looking for more of a rollup or something else? 

  • Hi Travis,

    I have not yet worked with this new feature recently released, but would this mean that on the resourcing view it would also show you how many total HOURS vs. % a resource is allocated? That's more specifically what we would be looking for.



  • Hi again everybody;

    As far as I see it; Resource View timescale is still based on days and there is not an option to change it in the resource management options. It would be very useful to be able to (optionally) see it on hour basis with the ability to zoom in and out like Gantt view.


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Warren - resourcing shows allocation in percent, not hours. You can calculate hours by looking to the Duration column or you could calculate based off their allocation %. (100% = 8 hours/day).



  • Regarding Ozgur's comment on July 13, is this function yet available? I would like to 'zoom out' to view by weeks or months.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Rachael, no this is has not been implemented. At this time, resources are allocated based on percent - not hours.


    I will submit your vote for this functionality to our Product team! 

  • Rachael Wilken
    edited 02/09/16

    Hi Travis, I wasn't very clear in my query, what I meant was the view - at the moment in the resource view the Gantt is shown over days with no option to change the time view like you can in the project sheet Gantts, it would be great to zoom out and view by weeks and months.


    Assuming though from your response that this also isn't possible yet.

  • Hi - my team would also like to be able to view their resources in hours rather than percent - please add my "vote" for this functionality.



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    To follow up on my previous statement, while Resource Allocation supports percent, you can still use it with hours.


    If you do not designate a % Allocation column, then Smartsheet will assume all tasks will be 100% allocated. If you schedule a 4 hour task, then you are allocated 100% during those 4 hours. This would get you the same results as allocating based on hours. 

  • Hi Travis,


    I'm also wanting to see my % allocation as hours. So, I may have a task that spans 3 days, but only have 4 hours budgeted time against the task. My team's preference is to see the allocation in hours rather than %.



  • Joshua Brown
    edited 01/06/17

    @ Rainer- this is exactly what i need. As a consultant i know i have been allocated 4 hours to do a task and the week its due but if i have something going on at the hour or day level i need to be able to see 1. hour many hours should it take me, 2. the week its due (vs. the exact day) and 3. a global recourse roll up of how many hours per week of work i am allocated. 


    Task "X" - due week of 3/15

    - total hours to do task "X" 15 hours

    - Global hours roll up by week of 3/15- 15hours + any other project i am assinged (over allocation of my time is configurable based on my hours goal for the week)


    does  anyone have any feed back on how to do this?



  • Ezra
    Ezra ✭✭✭

    I thought I'd revive this discussion - as ALL of the managers I deal with don't seem to understand percentage of duration.

    I have the following columns for resourcing:

    • "Duration"  (used in dependencies - duration)
    • "Predecessors"  (used in dependencies - predecessor)
    • "Assigned To"  (used in dependencies - assigned resource)
    • "Allocation"  (used in dependencies - allocation %)
    • "% Complete"  (used in dependencies - completion %)
    • as well as the start/finish dates and columns

    to assist the managers, I gave them a set of helper columns:

    • "Work" (raw number input of how long the task takes in hours)
    • "Remaining Work"
      • =(1 - [% Complete]@row) * Work@row
    • "Duration Hours"
      • =ABS(Duration@row) * 8
    • "Allocation as hours"
      • =Duration@row * Allocation@row * 8
    • "Allocation Percent"
      • =Work@row / IF([Duration Hours]@row = 0, 1, [Duration Hours]@row)

    Then I set up a conditional format to check if "Allocation Percent" and "Allocation" are equal (or within +/- 0.1). Now if they see a highlighted cell in "Allocation" they just have to check to see what the formula in "Allocation Percent" says.


    I seriously hope that we eventually see an option to use either HOURS or PERCENT as a radio button in the resourcing settings.

    allocation highlight.png

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