Forms / Worksheets and Dropdowns

edited 10/26/23 in Smartsheet Basics


I have a task to create a form(s) for a user to complete.

As part of the form there is a question, with a yes / no dropdown. If the user selects no I would like them to select a predefined answer.

The piece I cannot work out so please share your thoughts :)

We have multiple rows (and three columns) on another sheet that I wish to pull from, think of a vlookup, however on the form I wish all these rows to be in a dropdown menu for the user to select. Please note the rows are in a different worksheet.

In summary.

I have one worksheet with a form. On this form a user should be able to select an answer from a dropdown list of entries. This list is stored in a separate smartsheet and will continue to be maintained and updated on that form. How can I pull in the entries from worksheet (2) into worksheet (1).

Thank you in advance.