Hiding sensitive data from users due to access being required to underlying datasheets

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So I ran into a challenge while trying to create a vacation request process using smartsheet. Yes, a bit of HR within smartsheet. Not ideal, but possible.

The challenge is that people need to have read access to the underlying sheet to be able to see data in reports and dashboards. This is obviously not allowed due to the confidentiality of certain pieces of data. A couple of solutions I have thought of is:

  1. Copy the row to another sheet. The destination sheet will then only have the relevant fields. This is not possible as smartsheet will create a column in the destination sheet if it does not exist. Product improvement proposal: When creating a workflow to copy a row, perhaps allow the person creating the workflow to select which fields should be copied.
  2. Hide the column in the sheet. This will work, until you have the one smart person that realizes that data could be exported and therefore see the data, including hidden columns, in excel, pdf, etc. Product improvement proposal: Do not export hidden columns from the sheet. In the case of an owner or admin you could prompt if hidden columns needs to be exported.
  3. Use a different tool for this. This is possible, only having to see quite a couple of hours investment go down the drain. As I still want to use smartsheet for many other things, including project management, i would like to stick to smartsheet.
  4. Acquiring Dynamic view. This is not an option due to budget constraints.

Are there any smart people, and this community have many of them, out there, that have done the same thing using smartsheet? Are there any other proposed simple solutions to this challenge?

Your collaborative thoughts and ideas is highly appreciated.

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