Process Question - how to manage multiple sites in a portfolio

Beth Fantozzi 1
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Hi everyone - I wonder if someone can share some ideas on how to address this issue I'm having. I'm building a real estate management solution in Smartsheet.

I have 50 sites, each with 1-5 suites. As an owner, we have 50 items to manage. As a landlord, we have many, many options of site/suite configuration.

I have a master sheet that houses site information (purchase date, address, suite numbers, etc.)

Does anyone have suggestions on how I can track leases? Here's a mock up of the "Master" sheet:

In my lease tracking sheet, I might have a lease that's for Site A, suite 100 and suite 200. But maybe next year it would be just Site A, Suite 100. I don't want anything to slip through the cracks so I need a way to ensure that all the suites are accounted for in the lease tracking sheet.

In addition, I have an expense tracker to track invoices that pertain to these various site/suite combinations. Perhaps the lease for Site B encompasses all the suites but I need to break out the various suites to track the billing.

Thanks in advance for any help/insight you can offer!


  • Genevieve P.
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    Hey @Beth Fantozzi 1

    I'm having a little bit of a hard time understanding your process / set-up and question... are you just looking for a way to check in your Master Sheet that all rows or suites are accounted for in other sheet(s)?

    If so, what about adding a checkbox column that indicates if that specific Site + Suite is listed in your Lease Tracking sheet. You could use a formula to check the box, like so:

    =IF(COUNTIFS({Site Name Lease Sheet}, [Site Name]@row, {Suite Lease Sheet}, Suite@row) >= 1, 1, 0)

    If the COUNT function can find at least one row with the same Site Name and Suite on your Lease Sheet, it will check the box.

    As a side note, the older version of the Template Center has a Lease Tracker sheet if that helps!