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I have a sheet that has automations that are sent to a group Gmail account. Within the automation, there is a name that keeps popping up for the group email.

Warranty it the group email; it is not a mailbox. Stephane is a person who has left our company over a year ago. She is not on our user list and does not have a mailbox any longer.

Her name is not in my Smarthseet contacts nor on the SS Admin list. Neither is warranty.

I added the following as a contact in the sheet.

Same email address, different display name. I made sure Stephane was not in the list.

However, on the automations, Stephane's name still appears and it will not let me edit it. How can I update this?


  • Jeff Reisman
    Jeff Reisman ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Andrea Westrich Have you tried adding that email address with proper name to YOUR Smartsheet Contacts?

    Is the Warranty email account set up as a Smartsheet user account? If not, if you have access to that mailbox, maybe set it up as free collaborator user with the correct name and see if that helps things.

    If neither of those work, try deleting the automation, saving and closing the sheet, then recreating the automation.


    Jeff Reisman

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