How can I limit the number of rows emailed with each form completed?


We have a form for changes and updates in membership data. Typically for every form that is submitted, one form is forwarded by email to the appropriate department. However more frequently multiple submittals are returned in a single email, making it very difficult to manage. What can we change in the settings for either the sheet or the form to ensure only a single email gets returned with each form? Examples of the email returns are below:

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  • Gia Thinh
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    Hi robhuff,

    The multiple submittals are returned in a single email due to the Alert automation workflow is defined in common format. You may want to change this worflow by including relevant sheet content in the Subject, for example "New changes from {{Member Name}}" as below screenshot. This will seperate the emails for each form submission.

    Hope that works for you.

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