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I'm fairly new to formulas. I created this one sucessfully so far:

=IF(AND([Contract Status]@row = "Existing Contract", [Credentialing Status]@row = "Approved"), [Credentialing status: As of date]@row)

So it takes the credentialing approved date from that 4th column and copies to the effective date in the 6th column (in blue).

However, I only want it to do that if the status is "DHCS Enrolled", "Not Applicable" or "DHCS Applied". I do not want it to copy it when it is any other status, such as "Docs Inadequate" for example. I don't know how to say AND when [Enrollment]@row is equal to x, OR y OR z.


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  • Gia Thinh
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    Hi Deborah,

    Try this AND that included OR as below. Hope it works for you.

    =IF(AND([Contract Status]@row = "Existing Contract", [Credentialing Status]@row = "Approved", OR([Enrollment]@row="DHCS Enrolled",[Enrollment]@row="Not Applicable",[Enrollment]@row="DHCS Applied")), [Credentialing status: As of date]@row)

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