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Choose order of WorkApp Roles


Currently newly added roles appear at the top of the list and anyone in more than one role will default to the uppermost role for which they are a member.

It would be useful if we could choose the order of the roles so that we could determine the role a user/usergroup would default to.

When the roles are all known before building an app we can allow for this but when circumstances change we either have an unprofessional requirement to change roles frequently or we have to rebuild a new app and retire the old one just to change this.

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  • Angie Badgett
    Angie Badgett Overachievers

    Yes! This is such a limitation to the natural evolution of a workapp - you'd expect to be able to change the default role that shows upon login, or rearrange the order but as this is not possible you have to work very hard to future-proof your role setup which isn't always possible. Would LOVE to see a product enhancement to allow for the WorkApp owner to adjust the order of roles!

  • MHalvey
    MHalvey ✭✭✭✭✭

    2nd! I was just searching for this option for my new project and just came across this post. Hopefully this feature gets added.

    Michael Halvey

    "Strive for Progress, not Perfection."

  • HectorH
    HectorH ✭✭

    Please update this.