IF Formula to give me a $ amount when criteria's are met


I am working on a calculation model for my company and essentially I am looking for Smartsheet to give me the following information.

I currently have the formula for the first part figured out, I need help with the 2nd part.

If the "Quantity is <= 10 the amount should come out to $13,500.00

I need this formula to multiply the "$13,500.00" by (2) if the Quantity is between 11 and 20. My current formula that is working for the first step is below:

=IF([Equipment Quantity]@row <= 10, [Column4]@row)



  • Eric Law
    Eric Law ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Drew.Paice Can you list the name of the columns (or provide a screenshot) and all the things your formula is trying to do? For example

    1. If quantity is between 11 and 20, multiply $13,500.00 by 2 (why would you need to multiply by 2 instead of just having $27,000.00?)
    2. (I'm assuming based off your formula) if quantity is 10 or less, equal Column4
    3. What about quantities over 20?
  • Drew.Paice
    Drew.Paice ✭✭
    edited 11/06/23

    @Eric Law

    Column 1 = Phase

    Column 2 = Equipment

    Column 3 = Equipment Quantity

    Column 4 = Price

    Column 5 = Total Price

    For the purpose of the sheet I am trying to create, anything more than 20 would be handled separately off of Smartsheet.

    I would have no issue with it not multiplying by 2 and it simply giving me the $27,000.00 amount, I am just having issues with the formula spitting that information out for me.

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