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Blocked dates in project plans


I see that I can list blocked dates such as holidays in my project plans but that it will still allow a task to start on a blocked date but not finish. The white paper notes that you can manually schedule tasks to start but not finish but in my plans we did not manually set these dates, these are tasks that flow from one to the other based on predecessors so to me that is not a manual update. Seems that if there is a blocked date, it should choose the next available date to start or finish otherwise why have blocked dates. Perhaps this is me not understanding the white paper and just need clarification. If I am understanding it then a good update would be to have within the non-working days entry area a way to click a box and state to either allow or not allow tasks to start/finish on a non-working date. (white paper:*15rbjt2*_ga*MTIyNjM4NzE1MS4xNjk2Njg5MTc4*_ga_ZYH7XNXMZK*MTY5OTI5MDI2OS4xNC4xLjE2OTkyOTE0NjYuMzAuMC4w)

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