Celebrating the Community with Smartsheet Swag!

Rebeca S.
Rebeca S. Employee
edited 12/18/23 in Show & Tell

Exciting news, Smartsheet Community!

As part of our Reward Program, we want to celebrate your contributions to the Community. Members who became Leaders & Ambassadors recently will receive surprise Smartsheet swag soon, but we also want to celebrate those of you that are slowly and steadily moving up the ranks.

Seekers, Contributors, and Counselors, keep an eye on your inboxes, because we'll be reaching out to a select number of members from each rank to send you swag as well 🤩

We'll select members from each rank randomly, but if you want to proactively share your shipping information in advance, for this or future Smartsheet swag opportunities, you can fill in this optional form.

Note: Filling in the optional form doesn't increase your chances of being selected. This information will only be used to deliver your swag and for no other marketing purposes.

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