Need help with setting up new users - link in email does not work



I have already sent out an inquiry about this major issue we are experiencing a week ago but have not heard back. This is severely affecting our ability to add users to our account. When the invite email is sent out, the link in the email takes the person to the login page for SmartSheet rather than the page to create a password like it used to. Could you please assist?


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @slsny support

    Here's more information that may help you: Be aware of new Smartsheet invitation email experience

    As a summary, this is the experience for a new Smartsheet user when you send an account invitation:

    If the recipient has never logged into Smartsheet, a new account is created and they will need to set a password for their new login.

    In order to set a password, they will need to select the Reset Password link on the login page which will generate an email with a link to set a password in Smartsheet.

    Once logged in, they will be prompted with the invite options and can Accept or Decline the invitation as usual.



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