Authentication questions

Some questions to orientate myself:

From my company browsing logs, I can tell the what username a person uses and via the Azure logs, if they are using Microsoft authentication.

  1. Is there a way to require that Azure authentication is used by employees of a company even if they are invited to another company/individual Smartsheet going forward?
  2. Is there a way to restrict already existing users of Smartsheet to convert to Azure authentication retrospectively?
  3. Related to #2, what does a person need to do in order to manually convert their access if there is no electronic method? And convert preferably means no longer be able to use their local login.



  • I've had some luck blocking the specific elements of the login page for our users and our managed endpoints so that "login with Microsoft" (which would direct them through AzureAD/Entra ID authentication) is the only option they can see. It's not pretty, but gets the job done.