Multiple Forms on one row

Working on a survey and have lots of questions. It looks really bad as one form, so we split it to a few different forms. But now they are showing on different row lines. I looked at using random numbers to link the records and then move them together in another sheet, but no luck. Does anyone have an idea?


  • If you have a common field across all the forms (like Name), you can consolidate the data into a single database by doing INDEX/MATCH to pull the data from the multiple sheets into a single sheet. List all the unique columns you want to consolidate and structure the formulas to pull them from the right sheets. I have done this where I wanted to collect form data but the participant won't have answers to the second set of questions until after a period of time from the first, and I didn't want to push out an update request for security reasons. I haven't tried it, but maybe you could also use a report to consolidate the data from multiple sheets as long as you have a common field? Might be worth a shot but it really depends on what you need to do with the data once consolidated. Reports are a bit more limited for further data analysis.