Contact Cell Automation - Multiple Criteria



I have a list of criteria in a column and I want to automate a contact to one person if certain criteria is selected and another person if other criteria is selected. However, the intake form allows for both sets of criteria to be selected on the same line. Is it possible to build the automation to alert both parties in instances where both criteria is selected?


  • Criteria options: TI Blue, TI Red, LP Blue, LP Red, KF Blue, KF Red
  • Contact 'Mike' if TI Blue, TI Red, LP Blue, or LP Red
  • Contact 'Sam' if KF Blue or KF Red
  • Line's Criteria contains both TI Blue and KF Red

In this example, with my current automation, it would only alert Mike and not Sam because it's met the conditions for Mike and doesn't continue to look for additional conditional matches.

Is there a way to code this in the automation to send separate alerts? Thanks!