Formula to total together and count a status & count completion


Hard to title...

But refer to the attached screenshots.

On the parent task right now I have it counting the amount of child tasks' status (the progress bar).

As you can see under the expanded task of "External Kick off" there are 5 other tasks. I have set them as Full on the status bar as shown and so the "External Kick off" is showing the 5 of 5 Done.

What I would like is for the parent "Discover" to be able to count the Full under it and the others that are X of Y. As in on the "Discover"'s status it should be saying 2 of 7 Done because the "External Kick off" was completed 5 of 5 Done and the line right under it is Full.

The formula I have in the status for "Discover" is currently:

=COUNTIF(CHILDREN(Status@row), "Full") + " of " + COUNT(CHILDREN([Task Name]@row)) + " Done"


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